FIFA 23 patch 4 is coming soon, most likely early tomorrow morning. As usual, the patch will be available for PC FUT 23 Coins users first, then released a few days (sometimes up to a week) later for console users. We will provide an update when it’s available on each platform. Check out the patch notes below.

During away matches, players will see their own equipped pitch line colors instead of their opponent’s.Updated Transfer Market and Stadium search filters to match the look and functionality of the Transfer Market Player Quality search filter.

Addressed the following issues: Addressed further instances of some players seeing an initializing message when attempting to match-make in Division Rivals, and not finding an opponent.In some cases, Team Management options could not have been adjusted during a Division Rivals match.In a rare scenario, players were not able to enter the FUT Champions menu.Some SBCs UI elements did not display correctly.

The match UI did not display an image for some Player Items when displaying the Players To Watch overlay.Images on FUT Heroes Player Items did not always display correctly.Flair Shots were not always being counted towards Objective progress.An Event countdown timer incorrectly displayed when no Event was active in the Objectives menu.

The progress bar on the FUT Champions Play-Offs tile did not always display correctly after losing a match, this was a visual issue only buy FIFA 23 Coins .The FUT Champions preview screen did not always display its navigational tabs correctly.