The latest Diablo 4 cinematic trailer from Blizzard features Inarius facing down Lilith, armies at both of their backs. While this scene lacks Tyrael’s Diablo 4 Gold  direct involvement, his creation of the Horadrim and influence with the various Paladins of Sanctuary means he is surely involved. Light and dark clash on the battlefield, and the now-mortal Tyrael sits somewhere in between.

It is likely his presence will be felt through these intermediaries unless events force his hand. Tyrael still feels the repercussions of destroying the Worldstone at the end of Diablo 2. That mystical artifact protected Sanctuary from Heaven and Hell, and he now stands as protector over the land in its stead. Tyrael appears unlikely to lead any further charges into Hell or go much farther than the Pandemonium Fortress, where he may offer advice like Deckard Cain for those who will stay and listen.

Five playable Diablo classes have been announced so far, and they all represent takes on options from earlier games. Given each installment so far has offered something new, perhaps Tyrael will become a hand in the battle, balancing the sides by offering players the ability to take on angelic or demonic powers in exchange for duties to Sanctuary. This type of mechanic could easily follow on the multi-tree advancement already announced for the series.

It seems unlikely that Blizzard plans to make Angels and Demons into classes, as the franchise centers those caught between their way. But as the buy Diablo IV Gold  mortal truly caught between Heaven and Hell, Tyrael sits in a position unlike any other in all of Diablo lore. He will more likely be a balancing act in the story, maybe even a voice of reason, rather than taking sides as he once did. Even when forced to take sides, Tyrael now understands the true value of the mortals, and that is how he will most likely participate in the events of Diablo 4.