It's difficult to discern the details of what Peyton Manning may have told a teenage Russell Wilson about his chances of Madden 24 coins  becoming a Madden NFL 24 quarterback,however,at least we know that he got the chance to make that happen.Wilson spoke to reporters on Wednesday that he doesn't just looks up to Manning however,he also said that it's not the first time he's spoken to Manning.

The former Eagles as well as Vikings player Cris Carter admitted In an ESPN Radio interview on Tuesday that he imposed bounties on players during his time in the Madden NFL 24.He claimed he imposed bounties on some players as the reason for security.

"Protect me....Please protect me from him....Particularly when he's in a other position and I'm not able to defend myself,"Carter said."I'd say to one of the guards:'Hey man,this guy is after me in the flesh,you're a man.Bill Romanowski.'He told me he's taking me out before the game,for warmups.No problem."I'm going end your career,Carter.'I'm not worried.I put a change on his head prior to the game.Guard myself,protect my family.This is the team I grew up in."

Carter's remarks are the reason that some people,particularly those who participated in Madden NFL 24.think the commissioner was too harsh in his punishments of the players.Carter's words indicate that bounties are being played throughout the league for a while--there's a Wikipedia website dedicated solely to 1989's"Bounty Bowl"--and the Saints might not be all that exclusive.

The Madden NFL 24 probe claims that they have discovered Saints players who were trying to harm players-"cart-offs"along with"knockouts."The buy mut 24 coins  difference(if any)the difference is that Carter declares that his bounties were about"protection or a major strike,excitement or helping the team win,it wasn't to maim or hurt the person."