POE currency  Will Be a Standalone Sequel

Grinding Gear Games, the developer responsible for the highly acclaimed Action RPG Path of Exile, has made an official announcement stating that Path of Exile 2 will no longer be treated as an expansion but will instead be a fully-fledged standalone sequel. Initially revealed during the ExileCon event in 2019, Path of Exile 2 was introduced as an expansion that would bring significant changes to the original game, including revamped mechanics, a new campaign, additional playable classes, an improved endgame experience, and various other enhancements. However, after receiving extensive feedback over the course of three years, Grinding Gear Games has decided to alter the direction of Path of Exile 2, potentially resulting in a more favorable outcome.

Path of Exile has gained widespread recognition for its engaging combat, intricate mechanics, and extensive endgame systems that intricately intertwine with each other. Players have the ability to create highly specialized character builds by utilizing a vast array of skills, gear obtained through looting or crafting, and the game's unique passive skill tree. These builds empower players to undertake diverse challenges, such as confronting formidable endgame bosses or decimating hordes of enemies with devastating spells. Initially, Path of Exile 2 was intended to overhaul existing mechanics like gem slot linking, simplify features such as aura activation, and introduce new abilities like Shapeshifting, while still sharing the same game client as the original Path of Exile.

During the official ExileCon 2023 presentation, Grinding Gear Games revealed that Path of Exile 2 has evolved into a completely independent sequel due to the ever-expanding scope of the game. Director Jonathan Rogers provided insights, explaining that Path of Exile 2 now encompasses over six unique campaign acts, 100 boss encounters, 600 new types of monsters, 1500 passive skills, 240 active skills, 700 distinct equipment types, and numerous other yet-to-be-disclosed features. The game introduces six new playable classes, each with three ascendancies, in addition to the six classes from the original title, resulting in a total of 36 ascendancies. The previously mentioned Shapeshifting ability has been transformed into the Druid class, which was showcased during the demonstration.

The gameplay demonstration commenced in the ruins of the Vaal civilization, a familiar location well-known to veteran players, which serves as part of the third act in the new campaign. The Monk class took center stage in this demonstration, with the Sorceress making an appearance in the latter parts. Director Rogers elaborated on the fact that Path of Exile 2's playable classes are now heavily focused on primary attributes, with each attribute having two associated classes. Path of Exile 2 will introduce a dodge mechanic that generates invulnerability frames. Additionally, the aforementioned boss encounters will provide permanent stat bonuses, further incentivizing players to explore every nook and cranny of the game's maps and zones.

While the wealth of new information is undoubtedly exciting, the developers emphasize their commitment to delivering a polished product rather than rushing its release.

cheap Path of exile currency  is currently in development and is projected to launch around 2024 for Mac, PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. For more news reports on Path of Exile, you can visit mmoexp for comprehensive coverage and information.